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My Favorite Podcasts

I love podcasts. Everything from story telling, documentaries, inspirational, health, business, kids, relationships... There is something for whatever mood you are in and whatever information you wish to learn more about.

Lately, my attention span and due to lack of time, I'm capped at the 20-30min mark to listen {and sometimes that is even broken up into 2 segments}. Here are some of the best podcasts for health & wellness that I love. What are some of your favs? Please share in the comments.

1- With Love, Danielle with Danielle Laporte:

I've been following her all her "stuff" for a long time. I've got the books, the truth bombs, the planner...and her email newsletters are great. I love that she is spiritual but so real too. Down to earth, positive, and just feels like I'm talking to my best friend (even is she is a friend in my head). Her podcast dives deep into some real-life issues that I'm exploring.

2- Commune with Jeff Krasno:

Jeff and Skylar started Kula Yoga Project in Tribeca NYC where I completely fell in love with Yoga and my own spiritual practice. Commune is their latest venture now based in LA. They always have amazing guests, yoga practices, and great interviews. Also some wonderful free series going further into specific topics.

3- The Doctor's Farmacy with Dr. Mark Hyman

Oh Dr. Hyman, he would totally be my boyfriend if I didn't have one already (well husband). He's dorky and laughs at his own jokes. His guests are very educated and presents many ideas and perspectives to health/wellness.

4- Hidden Brain with Shankar Vedantam

Interesting reporting on human behavior and social sciences. It makes you think about social issues in an intriguing way and broaden your perspective.

5- How I Built this with Guy Raz

Learn how entrepreneurs grow their businesses from thier living room {or mom's basement} to the brands you know today. I find this quite inspirational and with a little grit and gratitude you can change the world.

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