If this is your first visit to Sentirsi, you MUST request a 30 minute complimentary orientation prior to enrolling in sessions or classes {even if you have Pilates experience}. This is a great opportunity to review your wellness goals, current fitness level, and potentially guide you through some basic Pilates & Garuda exercisesYour orientation can be held in-studio or online, whichever you feel more comfortable with. Together, we determine the best plan for you.  


Our Introductory Package for new clients is perfect to get you started at Sentirsi.  This allows you to experience our various methodologies that will encourage you to move with ease, strength, & vitality. Our qualified instructors will prepare you for success and confidence when attending your sessions to engage your body with precision.

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Pilates when you need it most. In light of COVID-19, Sentirsi Studio offers live-stream & in-studio classes and private sessions.


  • How do I register for group classes? Register using our online booking system. Click here to reserve your spot

  • How do I join a virtual class? Upon registration confirmation you will receive a link to join at your scheduled time via the free video conferencing app, Zoom on your laptop, tablet or phone. Make sure you have audio/video on so we can have the full experience together.

  • What is your class schedule?  We offer daily classes in-studio and live-streaming for you 7 days a week with various time options. You may schedule private sessions at your convenience by contacting us.

  • Who is teaching? You can expect to work with all your regular favorite instructors! Our teachers are committed to being there for you.