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The Pandemic of Poor Posture

Frequent and prolonged phone/tablet/computer usage (sound familiar?) have increased poor posture, specifically forward head and rounded shoulders, to epic proportions. Optimal position of head and shoulders exerts approximately 12 lbs. of force on the spine. Compare that to 32 lbs. for slight forward head and rounded shoulders and 42 lbs. for more extreme forward head posture! No wonder we’re in chronic pain! Physical therapy, massage, etc. can be successful at treating complicated shoulder conditions in the short term. But these conditions become chronic when we fail to address the forward head and rounded shoulder patterns.

When one area of the body is tight it can affect other areas, causing misalignment. Ideal shoulder girdle balance requires that some muscles act as stabilizers and others as mobilizers, depending on the joint position and movement required for the particular task. This good balance of mobilizers and stabilizers results in optimal alignment, ie correct posture.

Traditional Pilates requires this balance of muscle mobilization/stabilization with each exercise, notably, Mid-back Series/Posture Series and all variations of Footwork. Correct anatomical posture starts with the feet first and continues along the kinetic chain pattern.

Joseph Pilates was way ahead of his time….

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