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  • Heather Hoffman

Twist & Shout

Call it what you want: rotation, spiraling or twisting, the rotational movement of your spine FEELS DIVINE! And there are many ways in which to achieve this motion! In Pilates we have the pinwheel, thread the needle, and angels in the snow... to name a few. However, the options are truly endless.

What is anatomically amazing about rotation is the number of deep and superficial muscles you can ‘heat up’ with a simple twist- your transverse abdominals, quadratus lumborum, erector spines, and the most functional latissimus dorsi and glutes. Even more amazing is the fascia (thoracolumbar fascia) that connects this system together allowing our bodies to move forward freely. We don't want any of our parts to get "sticky." Rotation is the movement that your body craves!

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