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  • Fran Fuller

Bridge: Why we LOVE it!

Why do we "Bridge" in almost every Pilates class? Simple - this basic exercise has a LOT of BANG for the buck:

-strengthens glutes, hamstrings and abs

-stabilizes shoulders

-improves posture

-helps prevent low back pain

What does proper Bridge position look like?

-a straight line that starts from the shoulders and continues up through the hips and knees

-glutes and abs are engaged

-no tension in the head or neck

Why I love Bridging?

-it works the glutes and hamstrings just as much as a squat would, but without the low back strain

-it really forces you to stabilize your core, especially when you are in a bridge on one leg

-it never gets boring - there are so many different variations on this basic Pilates exercise!!!

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