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Get moving

Get strong, confident, ready...

There is no sense in beating ourselves up and no sense in spending any efforts in the past.  It is 2020. Time is NOW.  Time waits for no one. Time is the 1 non-tangible thing that is a luxury. 

Power Plate total body workouts are quick 30min, fat-burning, stress-reducing, stretching, and reinvigorating sessions.

The Power Plate vibrates up and down, side-to-side, and front-to-back, destabilizing the body and promoting the reflexive engagement of soft tissue. Involuntary muscle activity promotes quick, reflexive responses in muscle fibers and an increase in circulation. That means development in whole–body balance, mobility and stability, strength and motor control (muscle memory), in a shorter time frame than with traditional methods.

Our 1-on-1 private sessions allow your instructor to truly tailor your workout for your needs in order to meet your goals. I know your time is limited, you want your efforts to be optimized, efficient, and effective. You will see and feel the difference with Power Plate.

Power Plate works with all fitness levels...from elite athletes to those recovering from injury or if you never set foot in a gym before. The brilliance of Power Plate is the customized level of intensity and movement patterns to provide an individual experience with results.

Are you ready?

Our Power Plate Special starts on Jan 14. Pre-Book Now.

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