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10yrs in Review

What will the next decade look like for you?

10yrs sounds like so long. So much has happened. Many events that have ebbed and flowed to shape my entire being. Many, many mistakes. Many, many more accomplishments. A quick list... Changed careers, got married {then divorced}, expanded Pilates & Company, morphed into Sentirsi Studio, created the best and most educated team we ever had, got remarried, had a baby, and have had the privilege of impacting 100's of lives thru healing movement.

Thank you for being part of our last decade. Thank you for working so hard. Thank you for being part of our family. We look forward to a hopeful, fulfilling, and exciting next 10yrs. We can't wait to see what amazing things you will do. Share your 10yr vision in the comments.

It's important to reflect on the past. It takes a bit of time, honesty, and practice of letting go. Give yourself permission to take some time to write down your accomplishments. Write down your regrets. Look at pictures and journal entries to remind you. Look in the mirror and honor the person staring back at you.

There are deeper questions too. Have I grown as a human? Have I really and truly learned any lessons or am I about to repeat any poor patterns that have held me back from living my best and most fulfilled life? How can I change, shift, adjust, dream bigger so my next 10yrs are better than ever before?

Next step, what will you let go of? What pattern do you recognize that really no longer serves you? Create a ritual of how you will let go. Truly leave the past in the past. I find a visual object or a saying helps me to remind me what I'm letting go of. Reminding me why the let go will be so liberating. And to do it now, every day.

Finally, as you embark on the future, 2020, what are your dreams? How do you want to feel? How do you want to live? What will feel joyful? What will enable you to honestly have the next 10yrs be your best? Create a vision. Develop your own mantra to read & repeat every day.

I know this may be a lot. A lot to digest and take in. You are NOT alone. The Sentirsi Team is here as your support. We are here to help you thru every step of your next 10yrs. Sentirsi means to feel oneself. To feel your body, your heart, to listen to your instincts and tap into the deeper layers that will guide you to fulfill every dream and desire. We are here to remind you of your incredible essence, your amazing accomplishments, and your wonderful life. We are here to push you when you need a little reminder why you are doing what you are doing. Share in the comments what your next 10yrs will look like.

We have so many wonderful things coming to you. New workshops, recovery practices, new ways to move your body to excite and awaken your body, and so so much more.... Stay tuned...

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