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Who we are

Sentirsi means "to feel oneself" in Italian. Clients walk into a place that makes them feel like they are escaping all of their stress by actually getting to take care of themselves.

Sentirsi combines clinically proven method of Pilates with philosophies that encourage self discovery and use this relationship with your body to get better results. 


Through our personalized privates and small classes, we are able to take the benefits of Pilates further than larger studios by layering unique cue’s, choreography and equipment with the traditional methodology. We want to take our clients from feeling stronger to feeling powerful, feeling flexible to feeling supple, feeling balanced to feeling harmonized. The experience of Sentirsi is luxurious yet welcoming, intelligent yet approachable to everyone.

At Sentirsi studio we deliver sophisticated, intelligent exercise in a familial, loving environment that encourages the relationship you have with the intelligence inside your body a priority. Sophisticated, intelligent exercise training makes you look better, move without pain, and feel your best. Living your best life now.  

Everything we teach, coach, and represent translates to everything in your life. From

your relationship with yourself by taking care of you, to being more present with your family because you are no longer in pain, to feeling freedom to take your dream vacation because you can walk, bend, bike-ride, hike, without a worry.

When you exercise precisely with the balance of ease and work, understanding how and why you move, coupled with guidance and authentic connection, results happen.

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