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Tips for drinking more H2O

Hydrate...Hydrate...Hydrate. Yes we all know, yet still don't do it. A rule of thumb is you should drink about 1/2 of your body weight in oz. So if you weigh 150lbs you should drink 75oz of water. Start with that and then see how you feel after 3 days. Notice how your skin looks and feels, how your digestive system is cooperating, and energy level.

Here are some quick tips:

1- Use a container/tumbler that is minimum 32oz or better yet 64oz. Then you only have to fill it 1x or 2x.

2- Add rubber band or hair ties around the bottle. Each time it is done, take one off and put it on your wrist.

3- Add something for flavor. {Just NOT sugar!} Cucumber, berries, lemon, electrolytes.

I know it is difficult in the winter, but it's actually more important because were are in such dry environments {and eating holiday foods!}

Stay hydrated! Let us know how you are doing! Any other tips? Add in comments.

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