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The Evolved Series

Intelligent Exercise Evolved...

When I reflect back to the time period in which Joe Pilates developed his brilliant methods and cultivate an image as to what life was like; we walked more, there were no smart phones, people didn't "go to the gym", and we ate real food. And I think why Pilates is so effective even today? It's because Joe was always adapting and creating to the body in front of him. From ballet dancers, to professional boxers, to army sergeants, to clients with debilitating degenerative diseases. It never ended, he never stopped learning about anatomy & mechanics of how the body functions in order to optimize vitality. He taught that with thru movement- healing, peace, and freedom results.

We are so grateful and honored that Joe Pilates shared his work with so many incredible teachers throughout his lifetime. We have this foundation of understanding movement, healing, and balance. This is why Pilates will always be part of our core selves. Just as Joe developed more techniques, equipment, and new ways of teaching to fully provide the optimal experience for his clients, it is our responsibility as movement practitioners to continue this philosophy.

We are happy to introduce our Evolved Series. These are 4 or 6 week small group sessions (depending on the topic) that focus on a specific need, area of the body, condition, or principle to dive deep into freedom thru movement and increase vitality. Our environment, and thus our lives, have changed since Joe Pilates created his methods. And just as he was always adapting, Sentirsi is too. We believe in teaching to the body in front us. But not just instructing, or commanding, but to guide you to FEEL what your body needs, desires, thus to live joyfully. As teachers we are the vehicle, you are the receptor that has the power to evolve.

We can't wait for you to join us in the evolution of exercise and movement. Stay tuned.

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