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Pilates makes you more adaptable

How did Joe Pilates help heal, build strength, improve health {mentally & physically}? The word on the street during Joe's lifetime was,"Go see Uncle Joe, he will Fix you." 

The Pilates Method has been around since 1926. It has been a tried and true method that has lasted thru times of tragedy, wars, recessions, the 80's, and all the latest fitness crazes. People have been practicing Pilates regardless of their fitness or health level. And it works. Why and how?

The simplest answer is that the method of Pilates moves your spine in all directions {flexion, extension, lateral, rotation}. The spine is literally the backbone of your health because it houses your central nervous system thus determines what the rest of your body is doing and functioning. By moving safely in all the planes of motion, your spine is more flexibly, stronger, more supple. Your organs then are receiving the proper "messages" to work, your blood can flow more efficiently, your breath can be more full giving you more vitality and restoration.

Pilates encompasses total body awareness and feeling from deep in your breath, thru your muscles and bones, and a firm concentration of your mind. Yes, you have to think! You have to pay attention. You have to have inquiry. And you have to listen to your intuition. Pilates stimulates areas in your brain to connect and challenge the neuro-pathways to your muscles and nervous system which awakens all your senses. Thus relieving pain, gaining strength, finding more flexibility, and building resiliency.

So regardless if you are on a machine, using equipment, on your floor, sitting in your chair, or simply just being aware of your breathing. Pilates works. That is why it will always be part of your life. Why you can do it wherever you are. Why you keep coming back.

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