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Importance of In-Person Training

You have adapted to being comfortable on Zoom and are getting stronger, leaner, and flexible by varying your workouts {we are so proud of you!}. You may have even surprised yourself in your ability to move freely in a small area. And it is kinda nice to roll out of bed and do a workout. Virtual sessions certainly have maintained your mental sanity and remained connected with your favorite instructors. 

While technology is a blessing, it's a curse too. We do our best to see everything & make corrections, move camera angles, adjust volumes, creative sequencing.  But you feel you are not doing everything "right"? Maybe not 100% feeling the exercise? You don't even know that your hip is hiking up ever so slightly {and neither can we because we can't see!}.  

Take advantage of 3-D instruction in-studio where we can see you moving from all angles{while we are open}. This will enhance your at-home exercises and improve your virtual experience. You will have more awareness of imbalances that have been created in these past 6 mo and have them corrected. You will also witness where you have improved and where you may need a bit more help. 

Nothing beats an in-person session.  Our studio protocols make for the most safe and comfortable environment as possible {safer than any Costco trip}. Give yourself a break. Get out of the house. Feel taken care of.

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