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Accelerated Training

PowerPlate is Acceleration based Training using Whole Body Vibration Technology.  It is designed to stimulate fast twitch muscle fibers by applying an internal force vs an external force (i.e. lifting weights).  Acceleration Training equips the body to work harder, faster, recover better, and build strong muscles without building bulky muscles.   

Power Plate workouts are a customized 30min workout that will give you all the benefits {and more} of a 1.5hr workout done at the gym.  You will work total body, including Cardio, Core, Balance, Stretch, Strength, and Massage. Studies have shown that people whom exercised on the PowerPlate lost 57% more weightthan those that performed the same exercises without Acceleration.   

In initial studies on Bone Density, using the Power Plate clients' strength increased as much as 16% in upper leg muscles, while bone density at the hip increased by 1.5%. In addition, the whole body vibration group showed an improvement in postural control and balance, increased muscle strength and lean mass, while losing body fat and fat mass.

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